The Croatian Museum of Medicine and Pharmacy - Curiosities
Corpora aliena oesophagi
Drawings from the Novak Collection
Stara ortopedska pomagala
Old orthopedic aids
Blue Heinrich
Saint Sebastian – Patron Saint against the plague
Old medical instruments with the old legends of collection from Department of History of Medical Sciences of HAZU
Portrait, Diploma and Adjacent Homeopathic Pharmacies of a Croatian Physician Josip Zlatarović
Pharmaceutical Herbarium
Poison is Kept in Small Bottles
Otorhinolaryngological Working Table
The Desaty family of pharmacists in Valpovo
Fran Gundrum-Oriovčanin – Author of the First Croatian Manual for Sexual Hygiene
Elsa Fluid – A Renowned Product of Pharmacist Eugen Viktor Feller
Four Generations of the Panac Family of Pharmacists in Petrinja
Wands and Magic Beans – From the Collection of folk medicine of Croatian Museum of Medicine and Pharmacy