Herbarium wiwum, Lipik, 19th c., inner pages: manuscript, paper, pressed herbs; covers: print, cardboard; 24,3 x 20 cm, inv. nr. HMMF-307

The sheets are of hand-made beige paper. Text on plants and their pharmacological properties is written in black ink on the left side of the quire, and on the right dry pressed herbs are attached with narrow strips of paper. It has a total of 59 sheets; some of them are empty.

Herbarium was damaged, especially the spine so the conservation-restoration work was carried out 25th September 2015 and a protective box was made. The work was carried out by Mario Kauzlarić, a bookbinder and restorer.

Digitalisation: Goran Vržina, 2016

Pages from herbarium: Veronica officinalis

Pages from herbarium: Urtica urens minor

Pages from herbarium: Senecio elegans

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