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1875 Nikola Jagić, Austrian physician, internist of Croatian descent, was born (Berlin, 22 September 1875 - Vienna, 28 December 1956). In 1900 he completed his medical studies in Vienna. There he worked as an assistant to the First Internal Clinic and then Head of the Second Internal Clinic and as a full-time university professor until 1947. He was especially engaged in physical diagnostics, cardiology and hematology. He prepared an atlas for clinical microscopy, wrote several internal medicine manuals that used several generations of Central European physicians, and laid down simple rules that have long been the basis of treatment for heart and blood vessel diseases. He advocated the opening of the School of Medicine in Zagreb, but in 1935 he rejected the invitation to take over the presidency of the Zagreb Internal Clinic. In 1936 he was promoted to honorary doctor of the University of Zagreb, and in 1940 he was elected an honorary member of the Croatian Medical Association.
1927 Died Jozo Zadjelović, Croatian physician, gynecologist (1927 - September 22, 2007), doctor of science in gynecology and obstetrics, primarius, head of the Women's Dispensary of the Pešćenica Health Center in Zagreb and consultant to the gynecology service of the Central Institute for Tumors and the like diseases, Zagreb.
1998 Opening of the School of Medicine at the University Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Osijeku. The first dean was academician prof. dr. sc. Antun Tucak.

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