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1925 Born Vladimir Bauk, Croatian otorhinolaryngologist (Zagreb, December 4, 1925 - August 23, 1992). He attended high school in Zagreb, where he completed his medical studies in 1952. In 1954-1959 he specialized in otorhinolaryngology at the Clinic for Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases in Zagreb (Šalata), where he worked until his retirement in 1977. He trained in phoniatrics in Padua, Rome and Paris and after that he led Phoniatric Center of the Clinic from 1964 to 1977. In 1967 he obtained a doctorate with a dissertation on spectroscopic analysis of the voices of laryngectomies (Rad YASA, 1971, 352), and in 1970 he habilitated as the title assistant professor at the Zagreb School of Medicine. At the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation in Zagreb, he founded and headed the Department of Phoniatrics. He studied stuttering and other speech disorders in children, especially speech rehabilitation after laryngectomy and cleft palate. He was a consultant to the World Health Organization for the organization of phoniatrics in underdeveloped countries and the founder and first president of the Association of Laryngectomized Yugoslavia.
2009 Božidar Vrhovac, Croatian physician, died (Zagreb, June 8, 1936 - Zagreb, December 4, 2009). Son of Vuk Vrhovac. From 1965 to 2001 he worked at the Internal Medicine Clinic in Zagreb, where in 1969 he completed a specialization in internal medicine. In 1973, he established the Department (since 1978, the Department) of Clinical Pharmacology in the clinic; he is the founder of that profession in Croatia. Full professor and professor emeritus of the School of Medicine in Zagreb; corresponding member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (since 1990). He was the President of the Republic Commission for Medicinal Products, the author of the Pharmacotherapeutic Manual (1980, 5th edition 2007), the Manual Clinical Trials of Medicinal Products (1984), the editor-in-chief of the textbook Internal Medicine (1991) and the journal Pharmaca (since 1981) and the Bulletin for drugs (since 1985).

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