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1909 Born Dimitrije Juzbašić, Croatian surgeon (Daruvar, 30 September 1909 – Saarbrücken, 25 October 1974). He finished high school in Križevci in 1928 and study of medicine in Belgrade in 1934. During his studies he participated in experimental research at the Histological and Pharmacological Institute, where he worked until 1936. He began his specialization in surgery in Belgrade and continued at surgical clinics in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main. After graduating, he became an assistant and head of department at the Frankfurt Surgical Clinic, where in 1939 he was habilitated as a private assistant professor working on the basics of surgical treatment of esophageal varices. In 1940 he was elected assistant professor, and in 1944–47. at the Surgical Clinic in Basel, he is engaged in clinical and experimental work. After the founding of the Medical Faculty in Skopje, in 1947 he became a full professor there, founded the Surgical Clinic and organized its work. At the invitation of the School of Medicine in Zagreb, he came to the Surgical Clinic of the Rebro Clinical Hospital Center in 1953 and worked there until he went to Germany in 1971. During that period he reorganized the professional work of the Clinic by opening new departments, and after training in the USA in 1966 created the conditions for scientific research. He was especially involved in experimental and thoracic surgery: surgery for esophageal varices, mediastinal tumors and pulmonary tuberculosis (he introduced the method of collapse therapy of the lungs with a nylon mesh, the so-called small lungs). In the field of plastic surgery, he introduced homotransplantation of the corium skin flap preserved in the so-called box-bank. He performed surgical revascularization of organs with impaired circulation and studied circulatory disorders in the portal bloodstream. He was the president of the Surgical Section of the Croatian Medical Association and the Association of Surgeons of Yugoslavia and a regular member of the Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher – Leopoldina.
1983 Died Franjo (Fran) Kogoj, Croatian physician (Kranjska Gora, October 13, 1894 - Kranjska Gora, September 30, 1983). Founder of scientific dermatovenerology in Croatia. After completing his medical studies in Prague (1920) and specializing in dermatovenereology, he habilitated as a private assistant professor in Brno. From 1923 he worked at the Clinic for Skin and Venereal Diseases in Zagreb, where he was director from 1927 to 1965; full professor at the Zagreb School of Medicine. In addition, 1955-64. he was the scientific director of the Dermatovenerology Clinic in Ljubljana and in 1967-74. Director of the Institute for Clinical Medical Research in Zagreb. At his instigation, in 1965 the Allergy Center JAZU in Hvar was founded. He studied allergies, skin tuberculosis, keratoderma and eczema, and introduced a new concept in the treatment of syphilis. He was a regular member of YASA (since 1947) and vice-president of YASA (1958–72). In 1962, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award. His legacy is kept in the Croatian Museum of Medicine and Pharmacy – a collection of photo portraits of world dermatologists and honorary charters.

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