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2012 Milan Ferković, Croatian neuropsychiatrist, died (Smederevo, June 17, 1926 - Zagreb, June 12, 2012). He finished the classical grammar school in 1945 in Zagreb, where he graduated from the School of Medicine in 1952 and in 1974 received his doctorate with the thesis The importance of biological factors and disorders of the central nervous system on the development of antisocial behavior. After a medical internship, he first worked at the hospital in Otočac, and after completing a specialization in neuropsychiatry at the Hospital "Dr Mladen Stojanović" (now the Clinical Hospital "Sestre milosrdnice") in Zagreb in 1955-58, he went to Banja Luka to head the new neuropsychiatric department, where he organizes professional and quality service and introduces modern neurological diagnostic methods (pneumoencephalography, myelography, cerebral angiography). He also taught at the Secondary Medical School, worked on health education, and was the president of the branch of the BiH Medical Association. In 1971, he took over the position of head of the Neuropsychiatric Department of the General Hospital „Dr. Josip Kajfeš“ in Zagreb (today the General Hospital „Sveti Duh“). He received his habilitation in 1976, and since 1977 he has been the assistant professor at the School of Medicine in Zagreb, where he has been teaching neurology since 1973 for postgraduate studies, and since 1977 for undergraduate classes. From 1984 to 1989 he was an associate professor of neurology and the founder of the Department of Neurology at the Medical Faculty in Banja Luka. As the head of the Neuropsychiatric Department of the General Hospital "Sveti Duh", he reorganized the work of the department, especially intensive and post-intensive care of patients, introduced angiological contrast and other neuroradiological methods into routine diagnostics. He retired in 1991. He wrote about neurological and psychiatric complications of pellagra, cysticercosis of the brain, various forms of cerebrovascular disease, vertebral angiography, contrast lumbar radiculography, psychopathological reactions in crisis situations and acupuncture.

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