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1889 Vjera Rojc Katušić, Croatian pharmacist, was born (Bjelovar, 31st January 1889 – Zagreb, 1970). After completing the Pharmacy Course in 1913 at the University of Zagreb, she studied the reaction of melting-salt with hydrogen sulphide. Soon after, under the mentorship of Gustav Janeček, she started preparing her dissertation which she successfully defended in 1915 becoming the first female who passed her PhD at the Faculty of Humanities in Zagreb. She was also the first female owner of a pharmacy in Croatia – the Zagreb Uppertown Pharmacy.
1989 Franjo Hajnšek, Croatian neuropsychiatrist, died (Zagreb, 23 November 1924 - Zagreb, 31 January 1989). He graduated from the classical grammar school in Zagreb in 1943 and completed study of medicine in 1950, and received his doctorate in 1962 with the thesis The effect of some psychopharmaceuticals on evoked brain potentials using combined sensory stimuli. From 1952 until the end of his life, he worked at the Neuropsychiatric (since 1971 Neurological) Clinic of the KBC Rebro in Zagreb, where in 1955 he completed a specialization in neurology and psychiatry. At that clinic, in 1956, he founded the Epilepsy Station (later the Institute), the first such institution in that part of Europe. In particular, he dealt with clinical neurophysiology, physiology and sleep pathology, and in particular electroencephalography and epileptology. He participated in the organization of the Electroencephalographic (EEG) laboratory of the Clinic and in the construction of the first domestic EEG device under the leadership of Sergije Dogan. In 1956 he founded and ran the Epilepsy Station (since 1963 the Center, since 1984 the Institute for Epilepsy), the first institution of its kind in this part of Europe, and he also participated in the organization of the Laboratory for Sleep Psychophysiology at the Vrapče Psychiatric Clinic. In 1958-60. he specialized in neurophysiology and experimental psychopharmacology at McGill University in Montreal with neurophysiologist H. H. Jasper, and in 1965 in Heidelberg and Freiburg. He received his habilitation in 1964 at the School of Medicine in Zagreb, where he was elected associate professor in 1973 and full professor in 1975. He was an associate member of YASA (today CASA, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts).

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