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1920 Born Ljubo Barić, Croatian internist cardiologist (Knin, 19 May 1920 - Zagreb, 12 October 2010). After completing his medical studies in Zagreb (1947), he worked all his working life at the Internal Department (later the Internal Clinic) of the Hospital of the Sisters of Charity in Zagreb, where he headed the Department of Cardiovascular Diseases from 1962. He was also a full professor at the Faculty of Dentistry in Zagreb (since 1977). In particular, he studied myocardial infarction and digitalis therapy. He founded the first coronary unit in the former Yugoslavia. He introduced many modern cardiac diagnostic methods to Croatia and was the first to describe some diseases and symptoms in Croatian medical literature.
1926 Born Petar Kačić, Croatian radiologist (Split, 19 May 1926 - Dubrovnik, 17 June 2003). He finished high school in 1944 in Dubrovnik, graduated in 1952 from the School of Medicine in Zagreb, where in 1964 he received his doctorate with the thesis The value of X-ray procedures in judging the functional abilities of the lungs in emphysema. He completed his specialization in radiology in 1959 in Zagreb. He studied in Zagreb (1961-63), Poznań (1965), Genoa (1970) and Milan (1973-74). Since 1962, he has been the head of the Radiology Department (later the Department of Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Oncology) of the Dubrovnik Medical Center. He was elected assistant professor in 1968, from 1975 he was an associate professor and from 1981 until his retirement in 1993 a full professor at the Zagreb School of Medicine. Under his leadership, radiological diagnostics were improved at the Dubrovnik hospital; In 1963, an oncology dispensary was opened within the Radiology Department, and in 1969 a radioisotope department. He is credited with the introduction of new contrast methods and other tests, reconstruction and expansion of diagnostics (six-valve apparatus), purchase of surface therapy devices and then the latest model of X-ray tomography devices with linear circular and sinusoidal tube path. The main area of ​​his scientific interest and professional work was radiological diagnostics in pulmonology, urology and pediatrics. He also dealt with the history of medicine and the protection of Dubrovnik antiquities. From 1970 he was the president of the Dubrovnik branch of the Croatian Medical Association.

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