Four Generations of the Panac Family of Pharmacists in Petrinja

Tirocinium diploma of Pavao Panac the elder, Bjelovar, 1914, HMMF-59

Pavao Panac the elder (Szombathely, 1795 – Petrinja or Sisak, 1840)

He was born in 1795 in Szombathely (Sambotel) in western Hungary; he finished his apprenticeship (tirocinium) at the Pharmacy K crnom orlu in Bjelovar on April 12, 1814 with the pharmacist Anthony Asleitner. He then went to the University of pharmacy in Pesta where he graduated on September 7th, 1819. In 1822 he became the owner of the Pharmacy K crnom orlu  in Petrinja (founded in 1772).

Tirocinium diploma of Pavao Panac the younger, Zagreb, 1843, HMMF-58

Pavao Panac the younger (Petrinja, 5th September 1823  – 3rd April 1899) the son of Pavao the elder and Marija (born Caić). He completed tirocinium apprenticeship with the pharmacist Gjuro / Juraj Augustin in the Pharmacy K Spasitelju, passing his exam on August 30, 1843.

He studied pharmacy in Pest, and became a master of pharmacy on July 22, 1847, after which he took over the family pharmacy which he led until 1892.

Magister diploma of Vilim Panac, Vienna, 1890, HMMF-52

Vilim Panac  the elder  (Petrinja, 24th November 1868 – 4th March 1928),  son of Pavao the younger and Ana (born Crtalić). He did his apprenticeship in his father’s pharmacy from 1883 where he passed his tirocinium exam in 1886. Then he practiced with Žiga Mittelbach in Zagreb from 1886 to 1887.

He studied pharmacy in Vienna where he gained a master’s degree in 1890. From July 1st, 1892, the High Royal Land Government approves the transfer of a personal right to hold a public pharmacy from his father Pavao Panac to his son Vilko (Vilim) which he led until his death.

Magister diploma of Nada Panac, Zagreb, 1926, HMMF-234

Nada Panac (married Bernfest) (Petrinja, 30th October 1897 – Zagreb, 19th December 1977), daughter of Vilim the elder and Ljuba (born Purebl). She finished Pharmacy in Zagreb in 1926 and immediately after completing the study, she started working in her father’s pharmacy, which since 1936 has been independent and after nationalization in 1947 until 1950 she works as a manager.

In 1950, she moved to Zagreb with her family where she worked at the City Pharmacy in Draškovićeva 13 until 1951, then in 1951 at the Central Pharmacy on the Republic Square (today Ban Jelačić Square) and finally at the City Pharmacy in Vlaška 84 as a head of the Pharmacy from 1952 to 1959.

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