This Day in History: 2022-07-03

International Day of Plastic Bags.
Most of us use them on a daily basis, whether we are buying groceries, clothes or something else. Upon arriving home, they are soon thrown aside. Have you ever wondered what happens to plastic bags and how many are discarded by an individual, each year? International Day of Plastic Bags is dedicated to raising awareness of this serious problem of increasing the number of discarded bags. Plastic bags remain in the environment for between 100 and 500 years until they finally disintegrate completely and have a major impact on our environment. This day gives us the opportunity to remind ourselves how each of our actions of throwing bags into the environment affects our lives and the lives of generations to come. You can participate in the celebration of this day by using at least this day paper or canvas reusable bags to buy your groceries. We discard millions of plastic bags every day, and if we don’t get involved in raising awareness about the harmfulness of bags to the environment, in the future we will struggle with hundreds of millions of new plastic bags occupying the oceans and rivers and the rest of the world.

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