Charter of the honorary member of Association of gynecologists and obstetricians of Yugoslavia Stjepan Vidaković
Sarajevo, 1964., inv. nr. HMMF-241

Stjepan Vidaković

Stjepan Vidaković, croatian physician (Varaždin, 15th December 1890 – Zagreb, 20th October 1984). From 1918 to 1961 he worked in the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics in Zagreb, where he was the head from 1952 to 1961; He was a full time professor of the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb.

He was involved in operative gynecology, x-ray gynecological diagnosis and genital cancer radiotherapy. He published the textbooks Porodničke operacije (1935) and Opstetričko-ginekološka propedeutika (1952).

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