Magister diploma of Stanislav Ilakovac, Graz, 1904., HMMF-976

Stanislav Ilakovac

Stanislav Ilakovac, pharmacist (Vinkovci, 5th November 1883 – Jasenovac, 1942). After completing six years of gymnasium in Vinkovci, in 1899 he began his practice at the pharmacy of Feliks Kirchbaum in Old Vukovar and the second part of the practice from 1900 to 1902 was spent in the newly opened pharmacy of Valerijan Rittermann in Bosanski Šamac. After finishing his tirocinum exam in Sarajevo, he studied pharmacy in Graz from 1902 to 1904. At the end of his studies, he first worked at a pharmacy in Vinkovci (1904-06), then in Zagreb (1906-08), in Belgrade (1908), again in Vinkovci (1908-09), in Zvornik (1910) and in Virovitica (1911-12). After that, he was again in Zagreb (1912-20), then in the Križ, Sunja, Đurđevac and Pregrada. In 1921 The Ministry of Public Health issued a public competition for the pharmacy near the main station in Zagreb. Ilakovac competed for this concession, which was awarded to him only in 1924 when the pharmacy started working. In 1927 it was moved to a more appropriate space at the beginning of Mihanovićeva street (today Starčević square, 6). In 1937 because of the financial difficulties he sold the pharmacy and in 1940 he bought a rural pharmacy in Dubrava near Gradec. With the beginning of the World War II, as a leftist and activist, he was arrested twice, brought to the court, and then deported to Jasenovac, where he died after illness and maltreatment.

He was active in organizing an Society of Pharmacy Associates, a renowned fighter for work rights of pharmacists, and he imagined the collective pharmacy organization as a best chance of transforming a commercially oriented pharmacy into a renowned healthcare.

He recommended printing an extensive collection of prescriptions that would make prescribing of medicines easier for doctors, and return pharmaceutical work to the pharmacists. He stood for prolongation of a two-year and later a three-year Pharmacy study to four years, without prior practice at a pharmacy, as well as raising a pharmaceutical department to the university level. He contributed to the expansion of the Department of Pharmacognosy in Zagreb, by means of professional press and great material donation. With thorough knowledge of all the pharmaceutical disciplines, he also possessed great medical knowledge and extensive general education.

He wrote professional articles on social issues and works from chemistry, pharmacognosy, galenic pharmacy, botany, history of pharmacy, pharmacopoeias, homeopathy, etc. Scientific papers and articles were published in the Farmaceutski vijesnik (1914, 1919, 1921-40), Glas apotekarstva (Novi Sad 1921–22, 1927–28), Vjesnik ljekarnika (1923 – 24), Apotekarski vjesnik (1938 – 39), Farmacija (1938–39), which he sometimes signed just with Sic. He was the president of the Croatian Pharmaceutical Society in 1913-14. and Editor-in-Chief of Farmaceutski vjesnika in 1919.

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