Index of Ljudevit Naletilić a student of School of Medicine in Zagreb, 1919., HMMF-2889

Ljudevit (Lujo) Naletilić

Lujo Naletilić (Mostar, 28. 10. 1896. – Zagreb, 2. 5. 1972) was a member of the second generation of students at the School of Medicine of the University of Zagreb. He graduated in 1924 and trained in Sarajevo. He was the founder of Health Care Service in Zagreb in the area south of Sava to Jastrebarsko and from Velika Gorica to Samobor. He worked day and night patroling the area on a horse-drawn carriage, providing medical assistance possible at that time. He has given birth, craniotomy, tooth extraction, small surgical procedures, bone fractures, examination and vaccination of school children, examination of schools, inns and other public facilities. He has organized the construction of the wells, saying that typhus and dysentery are better treated with pure water than drugs. He worked on suppressing zoonoses that were present in this area in collaboration with prof. Dr. Frano Mihaljević and published professional papers. He co-operated with the Rockefeller Institute (now School of Public Health “Andrija Štampar”) on health education in villages. This preventive work was continuous and was called the “Mobile National University”. He participated in the fight against tuberculosis. He helped poor students, and he treated the poor patients free of charge.

He was close to the people and they called him “our Doctor Lujo”. In practice, he has developed the concept of a family physician that to this day we are still aspiring to.

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