Josef Weidner: Portrait of dr. Josip Zlatarović, Vienna, middle of the 19th c., oil, cardboard, miniature (painting: 5,9 x 5,2 cm), Hrvatski muzej medicine i farmacije, inv. nr. HMMF-804

Josip Zlatarović

Josip Zlatarović (Goldschmid), Croatian physician (Zagreb, 9th July 1807 – Graz, 2nd September 1874). He graduated from the Medical School in Vienna in 1830. By 1849 he was the chief physician of the Vienna Garrison Hospital and professor of General Pathology and Pharmacology at the Josephin Military-Medical Academy in Vienna. He then performed medical practice in Zagreb, Trieste and Graz.

He was a prominent supporter of homeopathy. He laid the theory on the local constitution of epidemic diseases.

He advocated the foundation of the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb.

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