Drago Novak (1933. - 2011.)

Signboard of the office of Prof. Drago Novak, MD
Bonn, 1990s
inv. nr. HMMF-1032


Drago Novak

Prof. Drago Novak, MD (Đurđevac, March 20, 1933 – Čakovec, March 26, 2011) was a prominent physician and scientist. He graduated in medicine in Zagreb in 1959, and in 1961 he went to Germany. He specialized in surgery in Duisburg and Munich. He then specialized in radiology, habilitated and obtained a professorship at the University Clinic in Hamburg. He was director of the Central Institute of Radiology in Ludwigshafen, director of X-ray diagnostics at the Janker Clinic in Bonn. In 1984 he founded his own institute for X-ray diagnostics and nuclear medicine in Bonn (diagnostics, CT, MRI, US, NUC), in 1995 he expanded the institute and associations – a team of 8 radiologists. He was also interested in the history of medicine, he was a world traveler and a citizen of the world, a cordial host and a welcome guest. He is especially known as a collector and lover of old maps of Croatia and a connoisseur of them. He was also a lover of fine arts, a passionate seeker of books in the field of cartography, history, art and other scientific and popular fields. He is a co-founder of the World Association of Croatian Doctors.

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