Croatian Doctors’ Diplomas from the Collection of Medical Diplomas and Charters at the Croatian Museum of Medicine and Pharmacy

Catalogue of the exhibition

Publisher: University of Zagreb, Zagreb School of Medicine, Zagreb, 2017

Editorial Board: academician Marko Pećina, Prof. DSc Marijan Klarica, Prof. DSc Stella Fatović-Ferenčić, Silvija Brkić Midžić

Author of the main text: Stella Fatović-Ferenčić

Text about Museum Collection and catalogue units: Silvija Brkić Midžić

Digitalisation of original diplomas: Goran Vržina

Design and layout: Studio Rašić, Ante Rašić, Ankica Penava Pejčinović

24 x 21 cm, 83 pages, color illustrations, text in Croatan and English language; number of copies: 300

Not available for purchase; available for viewing at the reading room of National and University Library, Croatian Academy Library, Library of Museum Documentation Center in Zagreb and Zagreb School of Medicine Library

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