Hinko Brodjovin: Portrait of a pharmacist Katkić, Zagreb, beginning of the 20th c., oil on canvas, HMMF-975

Julije Domac

Anton (Antonin) Ernest Katkić, pharmacist (Jastrebarsko, 12th October 1835. – Zagreb, 29th September 1895). The brother of the cultural worker Ignjat. As a pharmacy trainee he worked in the pharmacy of Dragutin Ody in Jastrebarsko, then he was a pharmacist assistent in the Kaptol pharmacy of Gratijan Mihić in Zagreb. He finished his pharmacy studies in Prague in 1856, where he then worked at the pharmacy Pokorny. Two years after graduation, he returned to Croatia and rented Ody’s pharmacy, then got a concession for a new pharmacy in Otočac, then in Karlovac. In 1883 he bought Kaptol pharmacy St. Mary in Zagreb (Opatovina) which he governed until his death.

He was president of the Main Croatian-Slavonian Pharmacy association (1885-1891) and the Croatian Pharmaceutical Society “Aesculap” (1890). He participated as a practical pharmacy examiner (1890-95) at the so-called third strict exam of pharmacy students.

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